4th of July BBQ Special

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4th of July BBQ Special

Order early! We will ship at the last week of June in time for the 4th of July or come pick them up the week of the 27th of June for your 4th BBQ.

Smoked Pork Butt (Charcoal Grill or Smoker) - Real Deal BBQ!

Whole Pecan Smoked Pork Boston Butt 

   $16.00 LB

      Approximately 5 LBs cooked

    (You pull or chop)

BBQ Brisket Recipe - Aaron Franklin's Brisket Recipe

Whole Pecan Smoked Beef Brisket

    $25.00 LB

        Approximately 7 LBs cooked

   (You Slice)

Meat will be smoked to doneness, vacuum packed and placed in cooler for your pick up or shipping.  To serve, remove from plastic container, wrap in aluminum foil so moisture will be maintained and warm to internal temperature of 203 degrees before pulling or slicing.

Orders must be placed by Monday June 27thWe will ship to out of town clients.  All local orders must be picked up by 12:00 PM Wednesday June 29th.

Call 504-466-9788 or email orders to info@lacraftbutchers.com