Louisiana Butchers!

Louisiana Craft Butchers is a small specialty meat processing business who will lean heavily on local cultural food product demand for artisan quality meat and delicatessen items.

Our menu will include traditional Louisiana fare like Boudin, Hogshead Cheese, smoked seasoning meats, Fresh and Smoked Sausages.  Deli products like Corn Beef, Pastrami, Specialty Bolognas, Cold Cuts, Stuffed Chickens and many other items will be part of our available offerings.

We will produce most of the items on site and package them for sale in cooler and freezer cases.  In addition to local service we anticipate selling products through our website and through other outlets.

We will be very involved in the food culture of Louisiana through on line classes, on site classes and cooking demonstrations to promote our brand and products.  Louisiana Craft Butchers are members of the American Association of Meat Processors.

We have a long standing charitable affiliation with Hogs For The Cause Charity through our Tailgate Tigers Charity.  Both of these entities have raised funds to support families with children afflicted with pediatric brain cancer for many years.  The fund raising is done through cooking and food related events cumulating in the annual Hogs For The Cause event where over eighty teams compete in various barbeque categories and fundraising.

Bryan Krantz
Bryan Krantz
sausage on grill

Make the thing Anything is Possible

Enjoy our liscious dishes wherever you want

Cajun Specialties

… including our award winning andouille, boudin, hogshead cheese, smoked sausage, tasso, tamales.

Traditional River Road Andouille
New Orleans Hot Sausage

NOLA Specialties

… Palmisano’s Homedale Italian sausage and Old New Orleans style hot sausage, Italian sausage, and tamales.

Deli Meats

… Bravarian weisswurst, bratwurst, liverwurst, german ring bologna, frankfurters, Käsekrainer, knockwurst and more.