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  • Bravarian Weissworst

    Bavarian Weisswurst

    The classic German breakfast sausage.  This specialty product is a very mild combination of Pork and Veal seasoned with parsley and lemon zest.  These sausages are meant to be poached in water or broth until warm for serving.  When removed from poaching liquid, the casing is cut off before enjoying with your breakfast.

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  • Breakfast Sausage

    Breakfast Sausage (Mild)

    Our Mild Breakfast Sausage is something your children or grandchildren will love.  Very mild seasonings but enough taste to satisfy.

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  • Spanish chorizo

    Spanish Chorizo

    A sausage combining Pork and Beef with. Our Chorizo has a deep body of flavor made bolder by Burgundy Red Wine. This is a notably seasoned product but not highly peppered.

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  • Sugar Cured Bacon

    Sugar Cured Bacon

    An artisan dry cured bacon using select pork bellies to create a smoked breakfast bacon second to none.

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