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  • All Beef Frankfurters

    The Hot Dogs are made in the kosher style of Hebrew National Hot Dogs.  Great…
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  • Bratwurst


    Our celebration of the German heritage in New Orleans and South Louisiana.  Our own artisan…
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  • Traditional River Road Andouille

    Cajun Andouille

    Louisiana Craft Butchers 2021 American Association of Meat Processors National Grand Champion Andouille!  Andouille is…
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  • cajun smoked sausage

    Cajun Smoked Sausage

    This is a great offering for your grill or to season Gumbo or Jambalaya with.…
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  • Cajun Tasso

    Cajun Tasso

    Not even all Cajuns cook with Tasso.  Tasso is a smoked meat product used like…
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  • Gourmet Frankfurters

    Gourmet Frankfurters

    Hot dogs!  We use a combination of top quality pork and beef and the highest…
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  • Knackwurst


    Knockwurst, or knackwurst, is a thick sausage that originated in the Holstein (northern) region of Germany. Our…
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  • Kosher Style Pastrami

    Kosher Style Pastrami

    We start with twenty eight day dry cured Corn Beef and smoke it into an…
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  • Sugar Cured Bacon

    Sugar Cured Bacon

    An artisan dry cured bacon using select pork bellies to create a smoked breakfast bacon…
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