Krantz Fish Fry

Krantz Fish Fry

2 Onions halved then sliced
1 Gallon Peanut Oil
4 LB Fish Fillets (Should feed 6 people. Recommend Cat Fish or Black Drum.)
1 Box Zatairain’s Wonderful Fish Fry
Tony’s or other Cajun Seasoning Mix
Several 1 Gallon Zip Locks
Roll of Paper Towels

Rinse fish fillets thoroughly in sink.
Slice fillets into ½ inch fingerlings. Leave last 4” or so of tail intact.
Place slices in a gallon zip lock bag and lightly season with Tony’s or other Cajun Seasoning.
Reserve in refrigerator until ready to fry.

Place box of Zatarain’s Wonderful Fish Fry in gallon zip lock bag. Add 1/3 of your fish and shake to coat all pieces with fish fry.

Heat Peanut Oil on medium heat to 350 degrees.

Place about 1/3 of seasoned fish fingerlings into fryer basket, layering on the bottom in a single layer. Put ¼ of sliced onions on top of fish. Lower basket into hot oil. When fish pieces rise to float on top of oil and have a nice golden brown color, remove a piece for testing. The onions should be a deep brown and indicate doneness as well as a tasty morsel to complement the fish.

Remove cooked fish to a paper towel lined pan to soak excess oil. Add a sprinkle of salt to cover fish.

Allow oil to recover to 350 degrees before starting second batch of fish.

Repeat until all fish are cooked.

If you are frying French Fries, they will fry well after the fish. Allow oil to recover and add a portion like the fish. French fries float and turn brown when they are ready, just like the fish.

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