REC Chicken & Sausage File Gumbo

REC Chicken & Sausage File Gumbo

11/2 Lb Andouille Sausage
½ Lb Tasso
1 Fryer (Gumbo or Jambalaya cut)
1 Green Bell Pepper – chopped
1 Bunch Green Onions (scallions) – chopped
1 Bunch Flat Parsley – chopped
4 Toes Garlic – minced
1lg or 2 sm Onions – chopped

2/3 cup Vegetable Oil
½ cup Flour

52 oz Chicken Stock or Broth
2tsp Salt
1tsp Black Pepper
1/4tsp Cayenne
1 ½ tsp Dried Thyme
3 whole Bay Leaves
When complete add file’ to taste (your descression)

Assemble all BASE ingredients. Segregate vegetables and proteins in separate bowls. Cut and season chicken placing in a third container. After seasoning, let chicken warm at room temperature while you prepare additional items. In a heavy 7 or 8 quart pot add OIL and warm fully to medium heat. Preheat oven to 175 degrees. Place chicken in oil turning pieces to brown evenly. Remove chicken to an oven safe platter and place in 175 oven. Make ROUX by adding FLOUR to remaining OIL in pot and stirring constantly. Monitor heat between medium and low as you stir. ROUX should have a nice dark chocolate color when it is done. When ROUX reaches desired color add BASE vegetable mix, stir and turn temperature to LOW. Cover pot with lid and sweat vegetable mix (let them cook down), continue to stir. When vegetable mix is wilted add ANDOUILLE and TASSO, cover again after stirring and allow to cook down. Remove Chicken from oven and place in pot, draining juice from pan into pot. Add CHICKEN STOCK, mix well, bring to full boil with high heat. Add SEASONING MIX other than FILE’ and reduce to simmer for 1 HOUR.

At completion if FILE’ is added let set 5 MINS before serving.

Serves 8

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