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  • All Beef Frankfurters

    The Hot Dogs are made in the kosher style of Hebrew National Hot Dogs.  Great grill material.  Top quality beef only for these.

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  • Bravarian Weissworst

    Bavarian Weisswurst

    The classic German breakfast sausage.  This specialty product is a very mild combination of Pork and Veal seasoned with parsley and lemon zest.  These sausages are meant to be poached in water or broth until warm for serving.  When removed from poaching liquid, the casing is cut off before enjoying with your breakfast.

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  • Boudin


    A savory Cajun rice dressing with moderate pepper pallet, stuffed in natural sausage casing.  A certified Cajun and Certified Louisiana product.

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  • Bratwurst


    Our celebration of the German heritage in New Orleans and South Louisiana.  Our own artisan crafted Bratwurst.

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  • Breakfast Sausage

    Breakfast Sausage (Mild)

    Our Mild Breakfast Sausage is something your children or grandchildren will love.  Very mild seasonings but enough taste to satisfy.

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  • Traditional River Road Andouille

    Cajun Andouille

    Louisiana Craft Butchers 2021 American Association of Meat Processors National Grand Champion Andouille!  Andouille is a rustic coarsely ground rustic seasoning sausage with a moderate pepper flavoring.  This is the sausage you want for seasoning Gumbo, Jambalaya or green vegetables.  The Traditional River Road Andouille is in a larger natural casing to mimic the German Coast, River Road, area style of Andouille.

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  • Cajun Hogshead Cheese

    Cajun Hogshead Cheese

    The classic Cajun “Everything but the oink!” Charcuterie item.  A pate like emulsion of pork.  Eat with your favorite hot sauce and crackers or put it on a cheese board.

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  • Cajun smoked sausage

    Cajun Smoked Sausage

    This is a great offering for your grill or to season Gumbo or Jambalaya with. Our Cajun Smoked Sausage has a mild to medium pepper profile.  Cooks great to make a sandwich with or put on a hotdog bun.

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  • Cajun Tasso

    Cajun Tasso

    Not even all Cajuns cook with Tasso.  Tasso is a smoked meat product used like Andouille to add smoke flavor to Gumbo, Jambalaya, stews and smothered vegetables.

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  • Crawfish Boudin

    Crawfish Boudin

    One of our signature items.  Our cream cheese Crawfish Base combined with Boudin spices and long grained rice is then stuffed in a natural casing.  This Crawfish Boudin has just enough seasoning to let you know it’s from South Louisiana.

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  • Fresh Cajun Grilling sausage

    Fresh Cajun Grilling Sausage

    Cajun Seasonings and lots of Garlic.  You can’t go wrong.  Another sausage perfect for your grill or flattop.

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  • Green Onion Sausage

    Fresh Green Onion Sausage

    A mild sausage, with mild seasonings.  Ready for your grill any time of year!

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